CBX25UH Air Handler

Economical, high-efficiency comfort

Here are some of the top features of the CBX25UH:

High-efficiency evaporator coil provides excellent heat transfer and efficiency.

Direct-drive blower motor delivers consistent airflow, along with a high level of comfort.

Fully insulated cabinet reduces sound for quiet operation.

  • High-efficiency evaporator coil—provides exceptional heat transfer and efficiency
  • Efficient check and expansion device—ensures highly efficient operation

Fully insulated cabinet—reduces sound for quiet operation

Direct-drive blower motor—delivers consistent airflow, along with a high level of comfort

Antimicrobial drain pan—includes an antimicrobial agent that inhibits mold and mildew growth and is made of a durable composite material that won’t corrode or rust

Durable steel cabinet—made to last with an attractive high-quality textured-paint finish

Optional electric heat—provides supplemental heat for added comfort

Sleeved Distributor Tubes—protect copper tubes to prevent leaking

Efficient Check and Expansion Device—ensures efficiency across a wide range of operational conditions. Factory-installed on the CBX25.

Chlorine-free R410A refrigerant—meets the EPA’s most stringent environmental guidelines

Meets strict standards for 2%-or-less air leakage requirement