Regular Maintenance of your AC unit is recommended in the Spring of each year and with another Louisiana Summer around the corner, let AC Sales help you avoid a “sticky” situation with these helpful tips to proper air duct and AC Maintenance.

Health Preventatives:
A great preventative that can be administered through regular maintenance is the cleaning of cooling coils and draining pans. This helps with duct contamination in your home, keeping your family not only relaxing in a fresh air filled space but a safe one, as well. Simple cleaning maintenance such as this reduces airborne particles that can affect your respiratory system and even greater medical problems such as asthma.

Save Money:
Without regular maintenance on your AC unit home energy costs could skyrocket and units can malfunction more often, resulting in your wallet being as dry as the Summer heat. Regular maintenance may seem like a hassle every year but may end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long-run.

Servicing your unit not only creates a healthy indoors for you and your family but creates a healthy outdoors by reducing your carbon footprint. When your unit is overworking itself it is not only harming your spending budget, it could be harming the environment, as well.

Humidity Regulation:
Being from Louisiana, one already knows the impact humidity has on this region. A properly running air conditioning system helps to regulate humidity at a neutral level causing less bacteria formation in your home from high humidity levels and less skin and sinus aggravation from substantially low levels. Humidity regulation also helps with musical instrument care, as well, preventing warps in instruments such as guitars and drum kits.

Do I need a New AC Unit all together?
AC maintenance is important but if your unit hasn’t been running properly in years maybe the problem isn’t regular maintenance anymore. If your AC unit is older than 10 years it is most likely harboring toxic refrigerants.
Another way to tell if your AC unit needs to be replaced is simply by looking at the cost of repair- if it costs more than around 30% of a new unit your best bet is to go in with the new.
AC and air duct maintenance is just as important as any other check up-whether it be for your health, your car, or even pest control- you wouldn’t let these things fall to the wayside so why should your home improvement be any different?

For any more questions concerning benefits of proper AC maintenance, as well as to schedule an appointment for your unit call AC Sales at (337) 234-2345 and let them help you be truly prepared this Summer.