Who wouldn’t want a sleek thermostat that “learns” your daily habits and temperature preferences, all the while cutting costs on the energy bill? Make someone’s Christmas (and home) a little cozier with a smart thermostat!

Here are the top 3 rated smart thermostats this holiday season:

Nest | $240

Nest is the highest rated smart thermostat in the market and one of the first to introduce this new style of technology. After a period of time, your Nest will learn from your daily habits from the temperature patterns you have set in the past. This will help to keep your house at the temperature that you would find most comfortable. And, to make this piece of technology even better, the Nest mobile app allows you to control your thermostat from virtually anywhere.

Ecobee3 Lite | $169

The Ecobee3 Light is ideal for relatively larger homes because it uses wireless sensors placed in multiple rooms that detect when someone is home or not. These sensors help to improve the accuracy of someone’s behavior by judging if the house is empty, or if someone is just sleeping in one of the rooms.

Honeywall Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat | $165

The Honeywall has a larger LCD screen compared to the models mentioned above. This model is not as advanced as most, but it’s affordability is a major advantage. It offers the ability to create a seven-day programmable schedule that allows you to set and plan your week down to the hour.

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