June 1 to November 30 is hurricane season in Louisiana. It’s a good idea to have plans in place to prepare and part of those plans needs to include how to prepare your home and protect your family far in advance.

Trim Branches and Debris

Take a look around your property for any weak or damaged trees, shrubs, or foliage. Taking care to remove or trim any greenery that could hurt your air conditioning unit may save you a lot of trouble after the storm. Put up any lawn furniture, flower pots, or children’s toys, too — anything not anchored is a potential hazard.

Cool Your Home

In the 24-48 hours before the hurricane is expected to hit it’s a good idea to cool your home a little extra before you may lose power. Even a backup generator is no guarantee. If you have any vulnerable people in your home like small children or the elderly then this is especially important. Keep the blinds, curtains, doors and windows shut as much as possible to get the house chilly.

Turn Off or Unplug

In the hour or two before the hurricane hits turn off or unplug your air conditioning unit. Electrical surges could damage it or the motor could burn out. If it is a large enough storm you will lose electricity for at least a little while anyway so may as well be safe than sorry.

Protect Your AC Unit

After you turn off or unplug it the next step is protecting it with regular or marine-grade ½” plywood or some tarps. Any debris flying around could damage it badly so make sure your property is clear of anything that could hit it.

Strap It Down

Depending on where your AC is located and what kind it is, it may be wise to pick up some hurricane straps. These will help your unit stay in place when those 75mph winds are blowing straight at your home. If you aren’t sure how to do this give a professional a call.

After the hurricane is over and you and your loved ones are safe, don’t turn the AC on right away without checking it over. If any debris got into the unit it could cause a lot of problems once you turn it on. If the unit was in standing water for any amount of time do not turn it on before giving us a call to check it out first. Really, if there is any doubt your AC will function properly give us a call before turning it back on. Keeping people and their homes safe is what we care about at AC Sales.