Winter is finally here, but unfortunately, so are the steep electricity bills that come with heating your home. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent existing heat from escaping your home so that you can run your heater less. The following tips and tricks can help you cut the cost of your heating bill while still remaining comfortable during the winter season.


One source of heat is right outside your window, and it’s free! During a sunny day, open up those curtains and let the sunlight naturally heat up your home. This will provide substantial heat at no additional cost. Just be sure to close the curtains at night to prevent any cold drafts from reentering your home.

Seal Leaks and Replace Weatherstripping

Heat can escape undetected from leaks around your home. Seven to 12 percent of heat escapes around doors and windows due to worn weatherstripping. In order to prevent this common problem, inspect any areas around your house that are creating cold drafts and seal them. It is highly suggested to change out weather-stripping every few years to prevent poor insulation.

Close Chimney Flue

If you enjoy lighting a fire in your fireplace to stay warm during the winter months, always remember to close the chimney flue, when you are not using it, to prevent outside air from coming in and inside air from escaping. Having the chimney flue open is similar to leaving a window open in your home. Making sure it is closed will be very effective in conserving heat.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one option that will provide you with the most efficiency, allowing you to set your thermostat to operate only when you need it. It is proven that you can cut your heating bill up to 10% by automatically turning down the temperature 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours a day. It is recommended that you turn down the temperature in your home either when you are sleeping or not at home.




Don’t let your heating bill rack up this winter! Follow these suggested measures to conserve heat in your home. For more advice, and information about heating your home, call A/C Sales Lafayette at 337-234-2345. A/C Sales offers a variety of residential and commercial heating and cooling products and services.