Finding someone to take your pets, making sure all locks and alarms are set, and emergency contacts are in place are all things on most families’ checklists for preparing to leave for vacation. Did you know there are tips for your air conditioning system to add to it? Just a few steps can keep your home safe and coolly in wait for your return!

Tidy Your Yard

Make sure there is no debris that a sudden Louisiana storm could send flying through your windows. Things like lawn chairs, toys, large tree branches or limbs, and anything large and unsecured should be cleaned up or locked up. In the days before you leave give both the front, back, and side yards a once-over. All it takes is one thing making a hole in a window to make your air conditioning unit work overtime.

Change or Clean the Air Filter

While you are cleaning up the yard don’t forget to clean inside, too. A properly cleaned filter means the AC won’t need to push through the dust to work overtime. It also means that while you are gone the dust, allergens, and any outdoor pollutants won’t be circulating in your home.

Adjust the Temperature

The last thing to do before leaving and locking your doors is adjusting the AC thermostat to a steady setting that isn’t too cold or too hot. Some people are tempted to turn the AC off entirely, but, that isn’t the best idea in the scorching Louisiana summer. Outside temperatures and humidity can impact the inside of your home in pretty bad ways. Humidity inside your home can make the wood in your home slick with moisture which invites rot and mold if unchecked for too long. The high temps and humidity can also damage valuables like electronics and antiques. Raise your AC to a level that will be good for your home without being too costly — ask AC Sales what temperature they recommend for your home’s unit. If your thermostat is programmable you can keep an eye on it remotely to adjust for weather back home and turn it down to a comfortable temperature when you are on your way back.
And remember, if you aren’t sure what steps to take you can always give us a call at 234-2345. AC Sales will be happy to walk you through exactly what you need to do for a unit you bought from us, for your vacation or anytime!